Our Programs

We provide grants to organizations that are delivering smart and innovative programs to reduce harmful substance use by young people. We also provide technical assistance (training, curriculum, evaluation) to youth programs that have potential to integrate effective drug misuse prevention. We work with partners and grantees to build evidence for what works, and advocate for a smarter approach to prevention

Our Approach

Safe Roots Foundation supports:

  • Mentor-based positive youth development programs delivered by credible role models

  • Programs that offer healthy alternatives to drug use, such as sports, arts, and after-school clubs

  • Programs that provide tools for a wide range of stakeholders to talk honestly about drug safety (Parents, Coaches, Teachers, Councilors)

  • Programs that help people identify the early signs of addiction and harmful use and intervene effectively

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to helping private sector partners make strategic community investments. In particular, Safe Roots Foundation partners with emerging cannabis and craft alcohol industry leaders to attract and pool new resources for effective teenage drug misuse prevention.

We believe this is one of the smartest investments that can be made in the future of emerging industries that promote responsible adult use of their products.